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Victor Gaviria's Rodrigo D. No Futuro Serigraph

Victor Gaviria's Rodrigo D. No Futuro Serigraph


Designed by Edel Rodríguez 'Mola'.
Serigraph on paper.
Edition of 50 (2017).
50 x 70 cm (19.5 in x 27.5 in).

Print is numbered, dry-stamped, and hand-signed by the artist. Unlined and in excellent condition.

  • About the Work

    Immerse yourself in the turbulent streets of Medellín, Colombia, with this stunning silkscreen depiction from 'Rodrigo D. No Future'. This limited-edition silkscreen print captures the intense journey of a young man grappling with his aspirations in a world riddled with violence and societal challenges. This bold print in red and black evokes the grit of the film's poignant plot. Ideal for film buffs and art collectors alike. Enhance your collection with this emblematic piece from a groundbreaking story.

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