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Pasolini's Edipo Re Serigraph

Pasolini's Edipo Re Serigraph


Silkscreen print for the film Edipo Re (Edipo Rey), directed by infamous Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini. Designed by graphic designer Vladimir Pérez Díaz. Artwork is numbered, dry-stamped, and hand-signed by the artist. Unlined and in excellent condition.

"In terms of the Pasolini filmography, 'Oedipus Rex' comes after 'Accatone,' 'Mama Roma,' 'The Gospel According to Saint Matthew' and 'The Hawks and the Sparrows.'' It immediately precedes his wildly eccentric, psycho-sexual-Marxist 'Teorema' and 'Pigpen.' These in turn were followed by his adaptation of Euripides's 'Medea,' starring the magnificent face of Maria Callas, his trilogy of features based on 'The Decameron,' 'The Canterbury Tales' and 'A Thousand and One Nights' - his most easily entertaining films - and his last effort, the unspeakable 'Salo,' which he completed shortly before his murder in 1975.'

"By far the most effective portions of this 'Oedipus' are those modern, semi-autobiographical sequences by which Pasolini frames the myth of the prince who, in innocence, murders his father, marries his mother and, when he learns the terrible truth, gouges out his eyes and goes into a wandering exile."

"These sequences, which form the principal part of the film and were shot in Morocco, are pictorially arresting but so chilly they seem dead. As I'm sure Pasolini intended, they are pageant-like, having the manner less of drama than of ritual that must be played out according to prescribed rules."

OEDIPUS REX' IN NEW YORK PREMIERE, New York Times review by Vincent Canby, December 7, 1984.